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Ph.D. Entrance 2023
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    एतद्द्वारा RET Exempted / Ph.D. Direct admission (JRF) आवेदनकर्ताओं को सूचित किया जाता है कि जिन अभ्यार्थियों के आवेदन पत्र पर Not Eligible अंकित होकर आ रहा है। वह अभ्यर्थी दिनांक 20.07.2024 से 22.07.2024 तक अपना संशोधित आवेदन (आपके पार्टल पर दिये गये कमेंट के आधार पर) पुनः ऑनलाइन मोड पर अपलोड करें। साथ ही आपको यह अवगत कराया जाता है कि 22.07.2024 के बाद कोई भी संशोधन करना सम्भव नही हो पायेगा । Click here to download Notice

    About MJPRU-DoR

    The Directorate of Research (DoR) was established by the Executive Council in its meeting dated 8th December 2020 to create an enabling environment in the University and its affiliated colleges to foster a research culture. It is the vision of our present Vice-Chancellor Prof. K. P. Singh to provide an efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty members and researchers in their research activities and timely completion of their research degree or externally funded research/consultancy projects.
    The Directorate of Research (DoR) has started its working from the Nehru Kendra building of the University. Its various sections like Scholarship division, Shodhganga division, Research Project division and Ph. D. division are providing world class facilities for its stake holders.
    All research and innovation scholars are encouraged to contact Directorate of Research (DoR) for further details:
    Director, Directorate of Research, Nehru Kendra
    MJP Rohilkhand University Campus, Bareilly (UP) 243 006
    Phone: +91-581 4022293; Email: office.dor@mjpru.ac.in
    Technical Helpline : +91-9026824798, Email : helpdesk@mjprudor.ac.in, Working Days 11 AM to 04 PM